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"Successful cooperation between all actors involved in the linen economy, in every country, depends on a clearly defined ambition and a common agenda . We must work together and unite our forces to increase the role of linen in the textile industry, through reliable economic data, fibre characterization criteria and a marketing strategy based on established qualities and transparent certifications."


Bart Depourcq, Chairman of the CELC


Introduction of the strategic stakes
for the fashion sector with pioneering examples of brands showing that natural fibers and linen can foster growth and meet customers’ sustainable expectations.

Overview of the low environmental impact and the properties of linen, marketing levers to develop our sector.


Focus on the need for shared indicators and KPIs to develop trust-worthy tools and share coherent socio-economical indicators internationally.

Formulation of international standards for the fiber and one common agenda to ensure success for all linen economy actors worldwide.

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